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Poetry by Lance Landall
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Poetry by Lance Landall
Poem C

Who made the friendly dolphin, who made the rainbow trout,
Who gave the seal its flippers, and the aardvark its long snout?
Who made the ring-tailed lemur, gave the kangaroo its pouch,
Who made the flying squirrel, and gave porcupines their...ouch!?

Who made the brawny bison, gave the stork its skinny legs,
Who made the spotted cuckoo, and the hen that gives us eggs?
Who made the Bengal tiger, the panther, puma and lynx,
Who made the comical chimp that delights us with its high jinks?

Who made the pink flamingo, gave the ostrich its long neck,
Who made the slithering snake, and the twiggy walking stick?
Who made the golden eagle, the remarkable hummingbird,
Who made the warty frogfish, (that I must say looks absurd)?

Who gave the duck its waddle, gave the toucan its bright bill,
Who made the striped hyena, the impala and gazelle?
Who made the testy woodchuck, and the noisy cockatoo,
Who made the little sparrow, and tiny elephant shrew?

Who made the gobbling turkey, made the octopus and squid,
Who made the long horn beetle, the butterfly and katydid?
Who made the hippopotamus, the ocelot and jaguar,
Who made the salamander, and very hairy tarantula?

Who made the cute wee chipmunk, the ferret, weasel and stoat,
Who made the wide eyed owl, gave the yak its shaggy coat?
Who made the crab and lobster, the seahorse, frog and toad,
Who made the industrious ant that totes an amazing load?

Yes, we all know who, donít we? One with an amazing skill,
One with a sense of humour, One who everything does well.
One who made and rules this earth, Jehovah-Jireh, Christ our King,
The God we love and worship, and from whom all good things spring.

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