Belinda van Rensburg Who is He?
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Who is He?

Who is this Jesus Whom you love - a sleeping babe upon some straw,
while shepherds and wise men bow down to worship and adore?

Perhaps while praying you envision Him walking on the earth;
the quiet, gentle Teacher who got what we deserve?

Yet then, again, at times is He the Lamb upon the cross,
maimed, broken, hurt and dying - God's sacrifice for us?

Yes, 'tis true, Jesus the Christ, was born in Bethlehem.
He did walk upon the earth amidst the sons of men.

And at the end when it was time, He gave His life for us,
He, Who without guilt or sin hung on that wooden cross.

But now our Christ is not a babe, nor is He still a man,
He is not hanging on that cross in a far and distant land.

He is God's only Son, triumphant; the Lamb that's overcome:
King of Kings and Lord of Lords - the One Who said, "It's done."

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