Lance LandallWhy Must It Take Pain?
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Why Must It Take Pain?
Poetry by Lance Landall

It seems that when folk are hurting that it’s then that they tend to be
Much more thoughtful towards other folk, or at least generally.
Yes, often amidst their misfortune, folk behave more tenderly,
For suffering can humble, and even create dependency.

If apathetic towards others, even harder we might fall,
Should any suffering or hardship inconveniently call.
And if we're foolishly full of pride, with our nose up in the air,
An awareness of our deficiency, a fall could soon make clear.

Yes, sometimes it takes some misfortune to soften a stony heart,
Or to humble someone who’s proud, and a new direction chart.
It’s sad that suffering is needed to turn many folk around,
But the fact is, that many don't change until they’re flat upon the ground.

Unfortunately, some folk become bitter and harden their heart,
That is, when misfortune strikes them, or things upset their apple cart.
And instead of just accepting the suffering that comes their way,
They bitterly denounce it, and cursing, from there-on go astray.

But as mentioned earlier, there are those who become more humane,
Having become humbled and softened as they rolled with their deep pain.
And who thereby show more feeling towards another who’s struck too
By those tragedies or upsets that so many of us go through.

Tenderness and compassion are what we should cultivate before
The winds of trouble and strife coldly whistle down life’s corridor.
And that pride that’s not befitting too, we should not allow to reign,
Nor an independent spirit either that's somewhat inhumane.

Yes, life is such a fragile thing, and pain can come from anywhere;
Things can be fine and dandy, and then, like smoke, joy can disappear.
Hence why we should be prepared, lest any misfortune strike us too,
And we will be much better prepared if pride and self we subdue.

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