Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

Iím hungry it is often heard of you to say.
One hour past your tossing lunch away.
I want to have a snack you then declare.
Yet no ideas of what to eat will you share.

Donít you hear my stomach growl?
Itís another thing you tend to howl.
There is never anything to eat you too will say.
Picking up a bag of stale chips to be tossed away!

Mom there is no juice to her you often like to yell.
Here is a time for you stop and think very well.
If recall you poured more then you could drink.
It got warm so you poured down the sink.

Much of what we have you tend to waste.
Proclaiming its warm I donít like the taste.
When asked just what would you like to eat.
No reply is given as you sit upon your seat.
If there is nothing you like to eat do ask yourself why.
Then stop and think before again you start to cry.
Think about the food and snacks you let go to waste.
All because you let it, go stale or didnít like its taste.

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