Lance LandallWisdom Is Still Valid
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Wisdom Is Still Valid
Poetry by Lance Landall

Perhaps there have been times when we haven't practiced what we have preached,
Times when certain values and standards that we espoused were not reached.
Well, if what we were saying was right, itís still what we should have said,
So, preach on, but better still, let's make sure our words and actions wed.

Yes, actions should go with words -- but tell me, who has reached perfection?
Is there anyone you know who is possibly the exception?
Though if such people could be found, Iím sure there wouldnít be many,
But personally, I've no doubts that you will never find any.

Now, Iím not making some excuse here for not doing what is right,
For we all know that saying and not doing isnít right, nor bright.
I'm simply saying that we're human, and thus realistic must be
Regarding what people may say and seeming inconsistency.

Despite our very best intentions, we will sometimes make mistakes,
And pressure or temptation is very often all that it takes.
Though very sure of what we say, or though convinced that it is true, 
Sometimes in our weaker moments, what we say we may not do.

But that should never stop us from conveying anything that's right,
For other folk may need to hear it, so that benefit they might.
And should they choose to ignore it, if our actions do not ring true,
That will be most unfortunate, and most unwise for them to do.

Itís so important that we listen to what other folk may say,
Even if their behaviour may very well hypocrisy convey,
For if what they convey is valid, we should commonsense display,
As ignoring wisdom given, inevitably does not pay.

And should we fail to live up to any wisdom that we relay,
That shouldnít stop us relaying it, for whatís right, we should still say.
Though actions should go with our words, one thing needs to be clearly said,
And that is, wisdom is still valid even when these two arenít wed.

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