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WOMAN's WORK?  What's that?
Is it the rushing, the shopping,
the sweeping, the flopping
down in 'exhaustion' -
often fulfilling,  sometimes frustrating;
but worthwhile, somehow?
Is it to answer the challenge of 'being',
growing awareness,
building endurance,  tending the garden,
nurturing the soil, raising strong plants?
(Not to mention strong CHILDREN!)
Sidestepping the cost of things?
 Spreading our wings?  testing them?
What of the hustling, bustling rush
of city's earnest laws and brisk order?
Personal fulfilment  -  ANYwhere?
Woman's work lies where her loyalty lies:
loyalty to Life;  Love;  Peace;
to little children
who've yet to find out
what the fuss is all about!
Unhappy child;  animal in pain . . .
again, woman must make time to be still;
sense the real need.
(What is compassion but being aware
that things shouldn't BE
the way they are?)
-  And where her thoughts and her eyes
and heart turn,
that's where her work is:
nurturing the world.
Who else has a moment to spare?
But . . .
she'll pay more attention to it NEXT week:
tomatoes for bottling; 
clothes to wash;  meals to get . . .!
Still . . . . 
 know that
in her oasis in the middle of the turmoil,
Woman can be love-savouring,
all that spells
Life . . .and Peace . . .

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