Lamb of GodPrayers Of Intercession For Use At A Pet Blessing Service
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Prayers Of Intercession For Use At A Pet Blessing Service
By Rev. James Thompson
Animal Padre's Christians Against All Animal Abuse

Eternal God & loving heavenly Father, we thank You this day for the whole of Your creation and not just sinful man’s part within it. We thank You for the vast animal creation which existed before we humans came in to being. Yet we thank You that the animals were given their names by us, so that we might administer a truly caring stewardship over them. We thank You indeed for the message of Noah and his ark of refuge: That there were not only places of refuge for mankind but, far more so, for the animals as well.

Priest: 'Lord in Your mercy':
People's response: "Hear this our prayer"

Gracious God, we realize that Your salvation of old was not confined to humanity but embraced two of every kind of chosen creature under the face of the earth' Then precious Lord, mercifully forgive the blinkeredness of today's church which bars salvation to those that the Ark of old included. Dear God - You who covenanted with the animals - and provided the rainbow as a reminder of the same, have mercy on the arrogance of mankind that seeks to exclude the animals from Your covenant of salvation

Priest: "Lord in Your mercy”
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Remind us Dear Lord that the supreme analogy of Yourself was in terms of a past eastern shepherds care and endearment of sheep entrusted to his care. Then open our eyes that we might see how modern husbandry has so appallingly wandered from a good shepherd willing to lay down his life in protection of his flock. Indeed, we think of the appalling evils of intensive factory farming in which sentient creatures are heinously exploited in order to temporarily appease carnivorous taste buds. Show us dear Lord that our Christian profession is shallow indeed, and utterly false, unless we show compassion and care to weaker and more vulnerable life than our own

Priest: "Lord in Your mercy”
People: 'Hear this our prayer"

Father we thank You for sending in to this world Your only Son: Jesus. That in line with Your own character His birth was singled out to despised animal carers in Bethlehem's fields. That You sent angels directly to them, to announce the good news of His birth on earth. We thank You that You chose for Him a stable rather than a palace so that the first friends His infant eyes would behold were faithful animals: an ox and an ass at either side of Him; and that His first visitors would be animal caring shepherds bringing, no doubt, some of their flock with them

Priest: "Lord in Your mercy”
People: 'Hear this our prayer"

Lord Jesus Christ, we thank You that Your life and teaching reflected Your Father in Heaven. You grew up to identify Your ministry with that of animal carers. You stated that - unlike a hireling - a good shepherd would gladly lay down His life in protection of lesser life than one's own. You said: 'I am the good shepherd and the good shepherd lays down his life for sheep'. Yes, animals entrusted to his care. Dear Jesus, in the light of all this we are aghast that animals today are so horrendously mistreated and that so little pity is shown towards them,

Priest: "Good Shepherd, Lamb of God”
People: 'Have mercy upon them"

Gracious Saviour Your first act of righteous wrath was expressed through overturning the counters of those who sold animals for ritual slaughter within the Temple. What is more. You liberated animals in the process: driving them out of the very place. Then teach us to realize that unless at times we also manifest a righteous indignation that we are unworthy to be Your disciples of today. Dear Jesus, grant us in our dealings a true balance: the ferocity of a lion and the gentleness of a dove, as was exemplified in Your own earthly ministry

Priest: 'Good Shepherd, Lamb of God'
Peoples response: 'Have mercy upon us’

Accept the imperfections of our prayers and use us to bring about a moral and spiritual revolution within this lovely land (of Wales). Bless every animal here this day - and we do not forget for one moment the far less fortunate animals for whom the heart of every enlightened soul must surely bleed. For such abused and tortured creatures we ask for boldness to speak out for them on Your behalf:

Priest: 'Lord have mercy upon them'
People: 'Christ have mercy upon them’

These petitions we offer in our precious Redeemer's name, who taught us as a church to go out and - knowing that actions speak louder than words -- proclaim the gospel to every creature under Heaven.


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