Fruit Smoothie with Cantaloupe, Bananas, and Peaches

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Fruit Smoothie with Cantaloupe, Bananas, and Peaches

A healthful all fruit, non-dairy shake


Fruit Smoothie with Cantaloupe, Bananas, and Peaches 1 Cantaloupe, small to medium size
Peaches, ripe
2 tbsp. Flaxseeds
1-1/2 cups Ice
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This recipe will make four 12-ounce glasses of fruit smoothie. It is best prepared in a high-powered blender such as a Vita-Mix. If a smaller blender is used, or you wish to make a smaller amount, we suggest that the recipe be cut in half. If you can find white peaches, they are even sweeter.

It is also best to refrigerate the fruit several hours before preparing the Fruit Smoothie. To make the Smoothie even colder, the Banana could be peeled, cut into pieces and frozen.

Thoroughly wash the Cantaloupe. Cut into sections. Remove the rind. If you are using a Vita-Mix, the seeds can be blended into the smoothie for more nutrition, otherwise, remove the seeds. Place into the blender.

Add the peeled bananas and the peaches. Add the ice. Cover the blender and run at high speed until the ingredients are thoroughly blended into the smoothie (about 1-2 minutes). After the initial blending add additional bananas or peaches to fill the blender to the desired level, cover, and continue blending.

Serve in a tall glass with a straw, and enjoy.

A Fruit Smoothie also makes a great breakfast. We usually have two 12-ounce glasses each.

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