Alfie: Treasured Resident of a Spinal Unit
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Submitted by Noelene Saunderson

July 2013

Alfie cat treasured resident spinal unit

In the Christchurch [New Zealand] Press this morning was an acknowledgment of a cat named Alfie, who Ďjust turned upí from nowhere as a two-year-old tabby, and took up residence at the Spinal Unit of the Burwood Hospital, near Christchurch.

Alfie has passed-on, after having spent 19 (!) years as a treasured resident at the hospital.
A former charge nurse said, "He changed the specialist spinal unit for the better; he changed us from a hospital into a home rehabilitation unit."

He was a constant presence, and would pick the sickest patients and just sit on their beds and knees. He was amazing the way he picked the ones who needed him most.   

One man was dying of cancer, and Alfie stayed on his bed for days, providing comfort, and leaving only long enough to carry out a catís necessary functions.

The Spinal Unitís clinical director, Dr Rick Acland, has produced papers proving that animals have a very positive effect on patientsí well-being. now have the reward for the loyalty, the caring, and the comfort you gave to so many for so long.....Bless you, dear soul...

We are trying to do our best to help the precious animals, and they, in so many ways, are helping us. 

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