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Gloria The Chipmunk Part II

Written by Richard Tornello Produced, Directed with all voices performed by Mark Edgemon Part 2

 As Sam got to know her in a short time he came to a new conclusion. This was one very different little chipmunk. He was impressed. He was so impressed he wanted to become her friend and meet her family. He would be her companion. Sam bowed low and said. “It is an honor to be your friend. I will stay with you as long as you wish. I wish to be your companion through life. I have never met a creature such as you. I would like to meet your family and ask them permission to escort you. Please consider it.”

Gloria smiled and said, “I will think about it later. Come along. We have a distance to go and I have been slow, playing about. I’ve wasted too much time though I will admit you are nice once you were shown a thing or two.”

Sam nodded.

As they both left the big field and were about to enter the dark forest, the two of them spied a hawk flying overhead. Sam exclaimed to Gloria, “Do you see that hawk, run for cover in the forest, quickly before it sees us!”

“Yes I do and there are more dangerous animals then that old hawk,” she said to him. He was shocked again as Gloria’s calmness in the face of the deadly aerial threat. All animals like them knew hawks were not to be taken lightly. Gloria took out a small mirror from her pouch and caught the suns reflection. She shined it onto the bird of prey making some sort of movement on it. The hawk spiraled around and began a straight dive for the two of them. Just as it was about to pounce on the standing Gloria, it flared and landed with a plop just behind them.

“Hello Gloria, how are you today?” The hawk bowed low.

Gloria did the same and said. Oh, I’m fine. I’d like you to meet my new friend Sam the Squirrel.” Sam was nowhere to be found. “SAM, Sam, where are you? Sam!”

Sam emerged from behind a tree stump, visibly shaking; he cautiously approached the two of them. “You know this bird?”

Gloria was smiling, “Yes his name is Otto. Sam meet Otto. Otto meet Sam.” Otto gave a deep bow. I observed you talking to Gloria back some... I wondered what was going on so I just circled. Nice to meet you.”

Sam was now totally confused. Here she was talking to one of the more dangerous animals in both their worlds and here she was, Gloria, going on as if nothing was amiss with this picture. Again he though this is no ordinary chipmunk.

Gloria continued, “Otto and I have been friends ever since my grandfather rescued him from a trap and mended his broken wing. Otto’s family and ours have a long history together.”

Otto inquired, “How is Granpa. Did he teach you anything new? I saw your moves earlier,” looking at Sam. “They were pretty good. I was standing by if necessary.”

“Thanks Otto, I did notice you. Sam obviously didn’t. But I was OK. Granpa is fine. He did teach me some new moves, which I finally got a chance to use. There is good and bad there. I am confident; more so now. Granpa is the only one in the family that has faith in me. The others think I’m as dumb as rocks because I don’t talk. I have nothing to chatter about. Why talk?”

Otto said, “I do understand.”

Sam just took it all in. Never in his wildest dreams would he have ever believed this could happen. No one at home would believe him, ever!

Otto asked, “So where are you off to today my dear?”

“To the market for Mother and family. They assume this is my first forage. I never let on. They gave me such a light load to carry. One of these days I will let them know. Otherwise, as of today, I will keep my own council.”

Sam figured to himself, well I guess I won’t be talking to her family. How would I explain all this? I will work something out. I do like her.

Otto smiled his hawk smile to Gloria. “You keep up the good work. Granpa and I and some of the others know who you are. The path is clear ahead to the market. I will keep a lookout just to make sure and check on you by and by.”

OTHERS. The only word Sam heard and reverberated in Sam’s head. There are Others like this? I must be dreaming. None of this can be real.

“See you Gloria. Nice meeting you Sam.” And off Otto flew.

Sam just nodded still in shock and some awe at this whole occurrence. He had a new respect for Gloria. In his newfound experiences he had more question than answers. His head was swimming. His friends would have run away. This was too interesting. He had to pursue it and Gloria, The Chipmunk.

He and Gloria went to the market. Everyone there thought they made an odd pair. Some one had better inform her mother that Gloria was with a Squirrel. It didn’t matter to Gloria. Sam was her friend and would be her companion. She needs no protector.

The End

Copyright © 2009 Richard Tornello

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