The Story of Little Tom
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August 2009

This story began during A Visit with the Tucker Family

On 20 January 2003, as if a little tom cat KNEW where to come before the weather turned off so bitterly COLD, a pretty, but skinny, young orange and white cat ran up to me in our front yard, crying.  He had a horrible bloody patch about 3 in by 3 in of skin ripped off his back.  I don't know WHAT could have happened...possibly another animal got a hold of him.  "Tom Jr.," as he has already been named, was taken to the vet, and now has pain-killing antibiotic cream and oral antibiotics to take, and is enjoying his warm bed with plenty of food and water close by! It's like God just "sends them to us."  He knows that we never turn them away.

You will be glad to know that Little Tom, the cat who FOUND me, is doing just fine!  He sure is a loving little boy. I got him on film, but have to have this roll developed.  I'll send a picture of him soon.  It makes me WONDER just WHAT happened to his poor back. Animals can go through hell on earth, often at the hands of humans, and still be loving and kind.  He has a home for life now, never to have to worry about being mistreated again.  

On 13 March 2003, Mindy sent us the photo of Little Tom, with the following caption: (To enlarge the photo, click on the photo or link)


"He's a little "out of it" in this picture...I was giving him pain med to help him feel better. You know, he never has been a difficult patient, bless his heart. He's never cried, except to get my attention out in the yard the day he found me, and I KNOW he had to be hurting at first when I had to clean his wounds. This precious fellow has a forever home for sure now!"

On 14 May 2003, Mindy sent us the following letter and photos.

Dear Mary and Frank,

I just wanted to say hello, and let you know that Little Tom is doing GREAT!  That small boo-boo that you see on his back is healed up now.

These photos were taken about a week ago, just after he got his stitches out. We had a TIME with this boy…he pulled the 1st ones ALL OUT, and only 1 out the last time.  I had to sleep beside him the second time and not leave him alone for 10 days so he would leave them alone!!

Here is Little Tom showing us his boo-boo is nearly GONE!

(To enlarge the photo of Little Tom, click on the photo or link)


We have a little POEM we say to him….

Tattered old tomcat came our way, on a cold and blustery winter's day.   He looked at us as if to say, "I've had a rough life, can I please stay?"

"Tattered old tomcat, come on in… you'll never have to be alone again. We'd like very much for you to stay… All the rest of your kitty-cat days!"

He reaches up and touches our faces with his little paws when he's sitting in our laps!  They KNOW who loves and helps them.  L.T. is a precious angel and has a forever home here.  We KNOW God sent him our way so we could help him!

HHere is our little boy just enjoying being spoiled. He thinks the couch is HIS!! LOL!

(To enlarge the photo of Little Tom, click on the photo or link)


HHe is such a CHARACTER…he chases the dogs and jumps out at them playing hide and seek.  Chinchi and Rusty, our other 2 cats, hardly know WHAT to think about L.T.!!

(To enlarge the photo of Little Tom, click on the photo or link)


May God Bless You!  Take care.

Your Sister In Christ,
Mindy Tucker

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