About The Author - Dr. Joyce

About Dr Joyce

I am a follower of Jesus and an animal advocate, who lives with my two horses, one dog, two cats, one duck, seven hens, and one of my sons on three acres in the city of Spokane, Washington.

Iíve been a "health nut" for years, continually revising our diets.  I practice animal advocacy as much as I can in my circumstances, and we try to give all our own animals quality lives.  I help support animal rescues and animal welfare legislation. 

I have three degrees - B.A., M.S., and Ph.D.  My Ph.D. is in the area of education with an emphasis on counseling psychology. 

I worked at various jobs in my life, most noteworthy, railroad telegrapher, psychologist for the developmentally disabled, and case resource manager for the developmentally disabled. 

I raised three boys and one girl, and have 6 beautiful grandchildren.  I write the articles because it is a way that I can, hopefully, help my world.  In writing, Iím expanding my caring heart!!

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