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The American Holocaust Against The Animals - Article Series From The Caring Heart with Dr. Joyce from Spokane Washington

“But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord.” (Numbers 14:20)

Thanksgiving seems to have been “lost in the shuffle.” Did you notice? In these times, that yearly holiday and celebration is not, generally, about gratitude to God for all His blessings, it is about massacring and eating turkeys by the millions. What gruesome carnage! What incredible suffering for beautiful, sensitive birds. Not at all what God wants. As the above Bible verse states, God wants his glory filling the whole earth, INCLUDING THE WONDERFUL TURKEYS, their being part of His glorious creation.

Turkeys are gentle, intelligent, sensitive birds who do just fine living in the wild. Around this part of the country, wild turkey flocks crop up here and there. They are a great deal more slender than those you see in the supermarkets. Turkeys enjoy having their feathers stroked, listening to music – and will sing along! In the natural world, turkeys can live 10 years, fly 55 miles per hour, and run 18 miles per hour. They are very resourceful, agile, and beautiful. Tragically, 300 million turkeys are slaughtered each year in this country, mostly for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Almost all turkeys raised have been genetically altered through selective breeding to grow very fast and to develop huge breasts, so huge they have trouble walking, cannot fly, and are in danger of having their legs break. Huge tom turkeys cannot mount females for breeding. Formerly, the average turkey raised for meat weighed 17 pounds, whereas the birds today average 28 pounds at just 18 weeks of age. Their extremely rapid growth can cause heart attacks and other serious problems. In the factory farming situation, turkeys have no way to live normal turkey lives, including running around, flying around, building nests and raising young, seeing the sky and the sun, pecking the grass for bugs, and etc.

Turkeys are bred artificially, while being held forcibly upside down by workers at a very fast pace to get thousands bred quickly. It is a miserable, painful experience for both the Tom turkeys and the females. The chicks are hatched in huge incubators, where they huddle around a heat lamp for warmth. They never see their mothers or feel her warmth. After a few weeks, the young birds are moved to huge, windowless sheds, where there may be 10,000 birds in each shed, very crowded, and less and less space for each bird as they grow larger. The air is as bad as the lighting, and they live in their own wastes. Their beaks have been cut or burned off shorter, their toes cut shorter, and sometimes even their wings cut. All mutilations are done without any kind of pain killer. Beaks have many sensitive nerve endings in them, which cause extreme pain when cut off, and probably for weeks afterwards. Their talons are cut off to keep the birds from hurting each other due to the extreme crowding. They are drugged also. Due to extreme stress, some birds simply stop eating. Eventually, they fall to the floor seizureing, wings flapping wildly, and die. Other turkeys who witness this happening can have heart attacks and die on the spot, there too.

These fine birds are not protected from abuse by any laws, so workers can treat them any way they want to. They are known to kick them, punch them, stomp on their heads, hit their heads with objects or against trailer sides, throw them, and literally wring their necks. Turkeys experience literal Hell!! Their eyes can be very damaged and blinded. Millions die even before being hauled off to slaughter. Workers walk about amongst them, looking for birds not growing big enough, or who are sick or damaged. These are killed instantly. They don’t want those birds to keep eating expensive food.
At five or six months of age, turkeys are quickly and roughly crated, which can cause leg and wings to be painfully broken. Millions die on their way to slaughter, too. Sometimes, trucks can have accidents which, of course, kills many birds. The survivors are picked out and sent on to slaughter. When the turkeys get to the slaughterhouse, they are hung upside down by their legs, which sometimes break in the process. These birds are still not very old, and they are weak. Their heads are dunked in electrified water, which does NOT always stun them. Then their throats are slit, and they are dunked in scalding hot water to de-feather them. Some, still conscious, are scalded to death alive.

Reportedly, the factory farmed turkey is a very different animal from the wild turkey, due to all the selective breeding. Their lives are literally extreme Hell. Somewhat thankfully, there are much kinder ways to raise turkeys for meat. Certified humane turkeys are raised under much kinder conditions, though still in sheds. Heritage turkeys are genetically not manipulated and are raised outdoors, able to act like wild turkeys. Every effort is made to safeguard their safety and comfort, although in the end they are slaughtered, too, but more kindly. If one must eat turkey, the heritage variety would seem to be the best, for the turkeys and the human eaters.

Of course, the best policy is to not eat turkeys at all. I’ve heard that certain family members haven’t had Thanksgiving dinner together because of some refusing to eat turkey. (I’m one of those refusers.) When I was ignorant and new to farm-type life, I purchased 12 turkey chicks. Well, did I come to love those birds. They were so smart and so fun. We have a large carport roof out the back door. The turkeys would walk up the staircase to that roof, climb up on the railing, and, one after another dive bomb. Whee! Then there was the day two Toms decided to challenge each other. Well, all the other turkeys got up on a horizontal bar in the pen and avidly watched the excitement, like a “peanut gallery.” They imprinted on me. One day I took a walk down the road. After a while, I looked in back of me and there they were, all following me! A house was being constructed across the street, The turkeys would walk over there and socialize with the carpenters as they ate their lunch. Eventually, we had to take them to slaughter. I really hated that, and would now never raise turkeys or any animal for food, or do any harm whatsoever.

What really “blows my mind” is: how can supposedly “nice” people be entirely indifferent to such turkey suffering to be very eager to support such a heinous industry through their purchases? Those turkeys have suffered plenty to land on their dinner plates. Where is their awareness – their consciences? Brain dead?

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