Christians! We’re Supposed To Be Holy!
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You Shall Be Holy, For I Am Holy (I Peter 1:16)

Most Christians nowadays, it seems, fit fairly well into the ongoing culture around them.

They work their jobs, tend their families, go to church on Sundays, buy lots of things, go on trips, like sports, watch TV, and (sadly) exploit animals similar to how “everyone” else lives.

Oh-oh! Our Heavenly Father expects much, much more! We are to be HOLY, as He is HOLY, and holiness is not an “easy ride to accomplish.” True holiness affects every area of our lives and being. Being holy means being distinct, being separate, being in a class by one’s self. It means being morally and spiritually pure, having total moral integrity, pure in heart and action, virtuous, and therefore spiritually whole and acceptable to God. Having peace.

Typically, reaching a state of true holiness takes many years of a person’s life, in which the heart, mind, and spirit are renewed – born again, a new nature. The Christian then becomes one who is set apart FROM the world, and set apart FOR God’s purposes. He is holy in all his conduct and has profound sympathy for all other creatures, and treats them accordingly.

The holy person is consecrated to God in all he or she is and does. The truly holy person is the bearer of light; the person is transcendentally pure, and tends to draw others to God. He or she brings kindness, love, joy, hope, gentleness, and tenderness. Such a person would not want to be involved in any harm to humans or animals, even indirectly - is deeply caring.

What can we do to become holy? Well, following directions is the best way. The directions are in God’s written Word, the Bible. Also, we need to pray, pray, pray for Holy Spirit help. Then, too, we need to try, try, try to get rid of bad habits, to practice kindness to all, and to make communication with God a steady part of our days. When we apply ourselves faithfully, we will find that we change. We become less interested in worldly things and more interested in the triune God, and in the welfare of all the creatures around us. Our awareness of a real relationship with God heightens, and He actively uses us more for His purposes, whereas WE ARE NOT THAT USEFUL TO HIM IN AN UNHOLY STATE.

The more holy we become, the more separate we become from so many others around us because we really are different. We really are more like Jesus than we were before! What we have within us and radiating out from us is the actual power of the Holy Spirit, a power which can act to draw and change others around us in the direction of God.

Not only do other human persons need us to be holy, but all the animals need us to be holy also. HOLY PEOPLE CAN MAKE A VITAL DIFFERENCE. They are the bearers of the light which cancels out an incredible amount of pain and suffering of humans and animals alike. Holiness is no simple “parlor game.” It is an incredible growth pattern designed to give us peace and joy and make us USEFUL to the great “I AM.” Truly awesome!!

Dr. Joyce The Caring Heart Copyright 2011 

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