Churches Wake Up! Encourage Love Big Time!
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“Don’t just pretend you love others, really love them….Love each other with brotherly affection and take delight in honoring each other.” (Romans 12:9-10).

Well, I don’t know how it is at your church, hopefully better, but in so many churches loving one another is merely glossed over, if mentioned at all. People come to church as strangers and leave as strangers, on and on, year after year. Oh, they may develop superficial relationships, greeting one another and talking about “what’s going on.” They may develop some friendships (if they are so blessed), but these are still relatively superficial and uncommitted. One lady said to me, ”After you are out the door, you are on your own.”

You know, Jesus talked about real love and real closeness. Superficiality does not “cut the ice.” Real love has real loving feelings connected to it. Real love means to be interested in one another’s lives, and to share their lives on many levels and in many areas. Real love means being “there” for each other through all the tribulations that life brings us. It means sharing good, clean affection and warmth.

Churches wake up! Leadership take hold of the reins! Don’t you realize that without love towards not only God but one another and all of His creation, Christ’s message is essentially meaningless, and people are left in deep need?

Our society is obsessed with sex. Doesn’t take much to notice that. So, not only are people afraid to love one another openly because they don’t trust the others anyway, but – Oh-oh, they may be suspected of some seductive motives! Also, in so many churches as well as so many other social arenas, really taking an active interest in another is just “not done.” So many barriers!

Those who still realize what real companionship and friendship are need to get in high gear! Jesus needs YOU to get out there and really talk to others, make friends, get connected, give hugs, treat others as being very dear. Leaders, you need to be first in setting the tone. Be an example! It’s so important!

Dr. Joyce [email protected] 
Copyright 2007

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