Operating From Our Center: The Dance of Life Article Series
By Dr. Joyce at The Caring Heart from Spokane Washington

“For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say.” (Luke 12:12)

Fellow Christian, do you feel like you have a center? --A stable place deep inside you from which you make your decisions and carry things out, especially important things? It seems to me there are three possibilities for the source of this center: (1.) our own selves and minds, (2.) Satan’s deceptive influences, or (3.) the Holy Spirit’s guidance. As Christians, we need to keep developing our faith and our DISCERNMENT so we can be better and better at telling the source of what’s going on in our hearts and minds at any particular time.

May I suggest some ways to be able to tell the difference? If the content of our thoughts has anything to do with feeling sorry for ourselves, being in a “down” mood, complaining, and self-centeredness, it is probably coming from our own self and mind. If the content has anything to do with anger, vindictiveness, “getting even,” or any kind of deceptive manipulation, it is no doubt coming from the arch-enemy, Satan, who WILL try to fool and use even mature Christians. If the content of our thoughts and hearts is full of love, peace, joy, good will, caring, aiding, nurturing, and the like, it is probably coming from the Holy Spirit, who has promised to be our comforter and guide if we sincerely ask Him to be.

The Holy Spirit, who is Jesus’ Spirit, asks us to operate toward ONENESS when we relate to another creature, be it human or animal. “Oneness” implies equality, recognition of another’s personhood and spirit, and openness on our part as we reach out. We can show interest and openness of real respect with our eye contact, with our bright smile or other facial expression appropriate to the situation, and with the way we orient toward and focus on the person as we relate. We use first names, if possible, and express real interest. We convey real pleasure and warmth for the chance to relate and know the other, be he or she human or animal. Every time we relate to that person we project the same attitude of real interest, real respect, and real love. We do not ”run hot and cold.” We project sincerity and humility, because we are humble, but we also project strength. When we operate thusly from a Holy Spirit center, we are actually projecting the Holy Spirit to that person, human or animal. If the other has the Holy Spirit as his or her center too, we will sure have a joyous, warm time together. We will both be blessed. If the other does not yet have a Holy Spirit center, but would be interested, he or she will be inspired in that direction, and will feel blessed. One warning, though, is that if the other person is under Satanic influence, he or she may feel quite threatened, and may coldly retaliate somehow.

THE POINT IS, as Christians, we NEED to be operating from a Holy Spirit center so that we can be a real, potent force for God and thusly spread love, compassion, and caring. In actuality, we are helping to bring His Kingdom to earth, for all – making a real difference.

Dr. Joyce The Caring Heart Copyright 2011

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