Thou Shalt Not Kill - The Scapegoating Pandemic Series
From The Caring Heart with Dr. Joyce from Spokane Washington

“Give me understanding, and I shall keep thy law; yea, I shall observe it with my whole heart.”  (Psalm 119:34).

“Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.”  (Psalm 119:165). 

Scapegoating, as a human phenomenon, has been going on for millennia.  How do these damaging, abusive actions fit into spirituality?  How does God feel about such human goings-on?  What would Jesus say? 

Scapegoating causes very real damage to victims – mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically.  Scapegoating abuse causes stress, and stress causes physical harm, disease, and premature death.  Oh, the death certificate may say “heart attack,’ or “cancer,” or “stroke,” or “lupus,” but all those are related to stress.  Mental, emotional, and physical stress from abuse causes various hormonal changes, as the body tries to mobilize to counteract the stress. The immune system is compromised, making the individual more liable to contract cancer. The adrenal hormones, adrenalin and noradrenalin flow freely.  The cortisol level is raised in the bloodstream, which is particularly hard on the immune system.  Adrenal exhaustion can occur if the stress continues long enough.  Blood pressure can go up.  The brain can be altered so that post-traumatic stress disorder becomes established, causing the victim’s system to run an ongoing stress response, even when no scapegoating is occurring. Scapegoating can, and does kill.  Usually not all at once (sometimes, though), but in “dribbles” over the years.  DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS!!  Don’t forget about the suicides of those victims who have lost all hope of any life beyond repeated excruciating pain.

“Thou shalt not kill” is the sixth of God’s great commandments, as appearing in Exodus 20:13.  As written, it is a very general command.  Thou shalt not kill ANYTHING, human or animal, slowly or quickly.  In Matthew 19:18 Jesus stated, “Thou shalt do no murder.”  Theologians have elaborated on the implied meaning of the sixth commandment to include all acts of injustice, the spirit of hatred and revenge, and the indulgence of any passion that leads to injurious acts toward others.  Of course, spirits of malice, unkindness, revenge, hatred, and the like are characteristics of Satan.  Therefore, reasoning would have it that harmful scapegoaters are actually in league with and aiding Satan.  Inasmuch as scapegoating is deceitful, conniving, and destructive, it is definitely EVIL.  

Scapegoating is SINFUL. To me, this is scary!!  Are any, or hardly any, scapegoaters ever informed by anybody, about the extremely serious spiritual consequences of their abusive activities?  If what they have done has shortened the lifespan of victims, they are, in fact, murderers?   Why doesn’t the church speak out heavily against abuse, seeming to avoid the topic?  In their lives on earth abusers may never have to pay consequences, but in the end, God’s judgment will rule.  Another relevant scripture is I John 3:15. “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer.” To me, this is really “heavy.”  God says scapegoating is MURDER!!

Also included in the elaboration of the meaning of “Thou shalt not kill” is all self-indulgence that tends to injure health.  Well, as we know, the junk food industry is still doing just great nowadays.  It is even spreading to developing nations, by golly! 

Degenerative diseases are also spreading abroad with that adulterated, so-called food.  Childhood obesity is out of control in this country, and even little kids are showing up with heart trouble and diabetes, ADHD, and other serious maladies.   A friend said to me, “I don’t understand how people who allow their children to eat bad food, and feed it to them, can say they really love those children.”  Long tables of sweets at church dinners.  I hate to see it, and feel bad for those kids.  Parents aiding in the shortening of their children's lifespans?  Substantial nutritional insufficiencies?  Dare we mention murder?  Happening very slowly, but very definitely in the consequent illnesses and shortened lifespans. 

I’m convinced that, if the love of Jesus is really in us, as His Holy Spirit, and if our lives and actions are really governed by His guidance, we will shrink from doing harm to anybody, human or animal.  We will feel love, warmth, and caring inside, and will translate those inner thoughts and feelings into real kindness and caring.  We will seek in every way to be active blessings to others, human and animal, and not merely passive observers in life.  Scapegoating and all it involves will never even enter our consciousness. 

What does the idea of “being saved” really refer to?  Seems rather nebulous.  When someone repents and asks Jesus into his or her life, salvation into Heaven is promised.  But what about the saved humans’ behaviors?   What makes sense to me is that accepting Jesus as Savior should put the human on a progressive growth path toward elimination of any safegoating, cruelty, abuse, meanness, or whatever, and adoption of more and more kindly, loving, caring thoughts, attitudes, practices, and behaviors.  Being truly Holy, as Jesus is Holy means a transformed mind and heart, a caring heart, towards everyone, human and animal, and towards the earth, home to every single one of His creative beings.  To me, anything less just doesn’t “cut it.”   

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