The Way of Love or The Way of the Barbarian
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”Ye are the salt of the earth; but if the salt have lots his savor, wherewith shall it be salted? It is henceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.”  Matt. 5:13

We United States citizens commonly do not realize the depth and breadth of the changes Jesus made in terms of how humans view one another and believe one another should be governed and taken care of.  In human history before Jesus, the tribe or clan was what was important, and each individual in the group existed to further the interests of the group as a whole.  Rules of conduct and opportunities for life expression were dictated by one sole man, or group of men at the top.  For common individuals to have “rights” was unheard of.  Each individual human life was of little or no value to those who governed. 
Jesus changed all that.  Through his teachings and his examples Jesus showed that human life has intrinsic importance and dignity.  Each individual is worthy of respect, care, safety, and choice in life opportunities and well-being.  Such have been the ideals in our Christian culture, which have brought about education for all, massive help for the poor and less capable, fair standards in employment, and countless other practices which echo our constitution’s statement that every man is created equal and has inalienable rights.
But, in today’s USA, Jesus’ way of love and individual dignity may be slipping backwards from the higher level that way had reached previously, although much good is still being done.  For example, “big pharma” is allowed to market drugs which have dangerous side effects, in effect saying, “The consequences to the individual (even death) are not important, the immense monetary profit to big pharma is what is important.”  Justice and fairness seem to have slipped also, in that good citizens who are safe drivers may have unfortunately been involved in an unavoidable accident and thereby have their driving record forever smirched, and pay a surcharge for years, just like the irresponsible, careless driver.  Not fair, and not just.  In the interests of insurance company finances, the responsible driver is penalized reputation-wise and financially just as is the irresponsible.  Seems like barbarian days, when the tribe was what was important, not the individual.  Barbarianism is massive in the animal world, of course.  The terrible pain of the individual laying hen or sow are not important, and the inconvenience and monetary expense of changing to humane ways is too troublesome for the evil, greedy industries. 
Christians, I am on my soap box “big time” again!!  CONSISTENT, THOUGHTFUL ACTION ON OUR PART IS VITAL TO PROMOTE JESUS’ WAY OF LOVE FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL HUMAN AND ANIMAL.  Let’s not lose it all!!    Promote kind care at every opportunity!!  Please!!

Dr. Joyce The Caring Heart Copyright 2012

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