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Beverage Recipes

Serves 4

This is a drink that can make any day seem like a special occasion. It tastes like dessert. The caffeine-free roasted grain beverage is also great with soy cream (regular, vanilla or amaretto flavored). In fact, you’ll wonder why you ever drank coffee!!!

32-oz. (4 cups) dairy-free hot chocolate
4 heaping tsp. roasted grain beverage (caffeine-free coffee substitute such as Roma, Caffix or Caffree)
Dairy-free vanilla (or chocolate) ice cream (Soy Velvet or Rice Dream)

Place 1 heaping tsp. roasted grain beverage in each mug.
Add 8 oz. Dairy-free hot chocolate to each and stir.
Top with dairy-free ice cream and serve.

Note: This can also be served with non-dairy soy creamer, omitting the non-dairy ice cream, or in addition to it. YUM!

Fandango for One When you’re on the run...
1 heaping tsp. Roma roasted grain beverage or instant coffee
2 tsp. instant non-dairy hot cocoa mix (pre-sweetened, like Ah-laska!) OR 1 Tbsp. chocolate syrup
8 oz. boiling water
Mix all ingredients thoroughly.
Top with Soy Velvet or Rice Dream or a splash of Westsoy’s Crème de la Soy.

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