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Cattle Exploitation

Wishful Thinking

When we think of cattle, or cows, or calves, we picture a calf like Norman, above...

...or Hugo eating some hay...

...or Opie relaxing in a snow-covered pasture...

...or these cattle enjoying the pastureland at Farm Sanctuary


(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 10) These butchers are getting ready to kill the baby water buffalo between them and the wall.  If you think that this is horrible, which it is, just remember that these butchers are no different than our own slaughterhouse workers and those who farm animals; and the spectators on the wall are no different than all the people who eat, wear, and use animals. They all turn a blind eye to the suffering of animals. Compassion starts with each and every one of us, and until it does, suffering, violence, and death will continue.  Make a difference.  Go Vegan!

Photo from:  Animal Welfare Network Nepal

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