Elephant Exploitation

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Animal Exploitation
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Elephant Exploitation

Wishful Thinking

We want to think of elephants living free in the wilds of Africa and Asia.

We want to believe that every elephant is free to take a mud bath when he or she wants to.

All of these elephants are now living free at The Elephant Sanctuary, but the reality is that they all were abused before being rescued.


(Elephant - Entertainment - 23) Bullhook. This is the tool used to bruise, maim, control, “train” elephants. Swung like a baseball bat, it can inflict horrific pain and injury. Used slowly to dig into tender flesh, it can also inflict horrific pain and injury. Training is about getting a desired result by any means possible. The bullhook is always visible whenever elephants are “performing.” Read Whistleblower Validates Ringling Cruelty to Elephants.

Photo from: PETA