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 From Rose - 7 Feb 2004

I have always disliked the ways of humans since I was a small girl and this pushes it further than ever. I find the "In reference to Cats" "In reference to dogs" comments silly, it should be in reference to ALL animals that have been tortured and slaughtered.

I am known as a tough girl, and this still weakens my heart, I would never in my life expect such a horrible fate of animals, they are the purest of all living beings on this earth. They are not judging, or materialistic like humans, it makes me very angry to be apart of such a race.

Over 70 percent of the world grain production is used to feed cattle instead of humans if only people ate 10% less hamburgers and the space that the cattle for hamburger meat takes was used for agriculture, 100 million more people would be saved from death by starvation every year.

After looking at this, who would want to save humans from starvation?

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Rose:

Thank you very much for your comments.

We agree that far too many people are only concerned about their own cats and dogs, and think nothing about the cruelty inflicted upon all animals.

If the grain was diverted from feeding animals to feeding humans, then the humans would become vegetarians (vegans). In that case it might not be so bad. What do you think?

In the Love of the Lord,


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