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From Michelle - 18 Dec 2004

I think this website is a cool way to show what we do to animals. I'm only a 14 year old girl so you might think that I don't know what is right for me, but when I saw the photo gallery of animal cruelty and I thought that what we do to them. I think that we are animals too. If they are so interested on something why don't they do it to their families or themselves?

Anyway I know you guys won't listen to me cause I'm too young but I just wanted to let out what I felt. I know that this won't change the who world but if it did the world will be better and sweeter.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Michelle:

The future of this world rests in the hearts and souls of young people like you, and we and the world need to listen to you. Please continue to speak out.

There is some great insight in your question, "why don't they do it to their families or themselves?" The FBI and others have proven that people who act violently toward animals are also violent to humans. Violence of any kind only produces more violence. We all need to learn to be loving and compassionate peacemakers to the world around us: for the sake of humans, animals, and the environment.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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