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From Anita Olinga - 16 Mar 2005

Dear All Creatures,

We are a small sustainable farm in Chatham County North Carolina. I fully agree that large poultry producers treat their animals terribly. We raise chickens and turkeys and ducks and sheep. Our sheep are for wool and are endangered, that is why we raise them so we can protect the species. Our chickens are in our house because it is too cold to put them out because they are too young (less than 6 weeks old) and don't have their full feathers. Our ducks have a great life and provide us with eggs every day when we go to feed them specialty duck food and they dig for worms and bugs as well in our big green yard. We have wonderful turkeys that wander our yard and fly into the trees and eat from our hands and have an idyllic life. All of our animals have really great lives and we believe they were entrusted to us and we have a sacred duty to care for them in the best possible way.

Telling people to be vegetarians is nice but not practical. If you want to improve animal care processes, you should encourage your meat eating pals and readers to seek out sustainable agriculture operations like ours and so many others who care for animals compassionately, provide them with wonderful existences and harvest them humanely and with great care. If everybody who ate meat bought from sustainable and humane operations, those big turkey farms and chicken farms would go out of business quickly, ensuring that the kind farmers will be able to raise their animals and have a secure future and decrease or eliminate the terrible practices in the commercial large operations.

The meat we raise tastes better, the animals are cared for by people who enjoy them and want to do the best possible job and our animals have a great existence for their time on earth.

Anita Olinga

Sofia's Farm
Chatham County, North Carolina

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Anita:

Thank you very much for telling us about Sofia's Farm. It certainly does seem like its worlds apart from factory farms.

In the early part of your letter, you seem to refer to the animals as your companions, yet at the end you speak of selling their flesh. Do you also do the slaughtering? If so, how are they slaughtered? Unfortunately, we haven't seen any truly humane slaughtering and we're very interested in what you do, because everything else in your letter speaks of compassion for animals.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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