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From Tint - 3 May 2005

I was doing some research and stumbled on your site. I'm actively involved in the protection and caring of all living creatures.... animals and humans alike. In this, I agree with what you are trying to do with your site.

Your pictures and words against the inhumane treatment of cattle, I applaud. You are wrong though to call those who consume bovine products 'evil' or 'uncompassionate'. Many people have no idea where veal even comes from. You can't condemn the ignorant.

How do you explain the slaughter of animals throughout the Bible that you quote so freely. Fishing is bad? What about Jesus who went fishing with his disciples? Or fed fish to 1000's? The father who killed the fatted calf for his returning son? The Bible teaches how an animal must be bled before eating.

I don't approve of needless and cruel keeping and slaughtering of animals. I myself have a small piece of land with geese, pigs, cows, chickens. All roam freely. The cows give milk they can. It sustains my family. The eggs produced by my chickens sustain us too and yes, we do send our animals to the slaughterhouse - a small country slaughterhouse where the animals are quite dead before being cut up - not for the love of money, but to feed us.

I think you are wrong by putting a blanket of 'evil' over all who consume animal products or who farm with animals. I feel very strongly about the abuse of our plant life too. I cry when I see the limb of a tree that is torn off. Does that mean I will stop eating vegetables or using my valuable herbs? Not at all. Its a case of doing it in the right way.

Continue with your work, but please don't accuse as evil. The Bible tells us not to judge one another and teaches us how to care for our domestic animals, but does nowhere say that we should not consume animal products. Killing an animal for its fur is wrong, but if the animal is dead - a natural death? That fur can keep a human baby warm and alive where it would most likely die of cold. Interesting perspective, don't you think?


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Tint:

Thank you very much for writing and for your compliments and comments.

Perhaps if all, or even the vast majority, of the farmed animals were treated as you describe, we probably wouldn't have started the animal exploitation section of our web site. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and 95% of all animal products on the market come from horrendous factory farms where animals suffer continually. And from what you say, we believe that you consider this evil, too.

Most people do seem to know where there animal products come from, however we have found that most of them also "play the ignorant card" or say "Don't tell me! I don't want to know," which really means that they do know. To knowingly go along with other people's cruelty, or ignore it, or pay them to continue their cruel practices is evil. It is to this majority of people that we are addressing our comments.

As you read the Bible, you find that compassion increases with time, and the direction is toward that perfect time in the future when there will be no more hurting or destroying in all of God's creation. This is part of God's heavenly will, which Jesus taught us to pray for, and part of becoming perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect, which He also commanded us to be.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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