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From Justin Greenly - 6 Jun 2005


I agree with a lot of your website as to the abuse and mistreatment of animals. By all means, we have to be humane to all creatures.

However, I have trouble seeing the problem with a humane kill (hunting, slaughter for meat, etc.) Are we to eat vegetables and ignore meat altogether? What is wrong with taking a place in the food chain and enjoying meat?


Justin Greenly

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Justin:

Thank you for writing.

The primary problem is that there are very few animals that are truly killed humanely. Most suffer greatly when raised on the farms and die in terror and pain. Furthermore, most hunters don't make clean kills.

As a result of not wanting to contribute to the animals suffering, we have chosen not to eat or wear animals and their by-products.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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