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From Sandy - 18 Nov 2006

[In response to Violet's letter about 'hardness of heart']

It breaks my heart to know about all the animal cruelty that occurs in this country and around the world.  Even more tragic is the human indifference that I so often encounter in response to these issues.

How do you get your own family to understand what is going on and encourage them to help in some way?

I always get the same response, " Not everyone thinks the way you do."

I am very discouraged, when I cannot even get through to my own family.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Sandy:

Sometimes our own family members are the hardest people to get through to. Most often it requires someone outside the family to open the door for them to begin to feel the pain and suffering of the animals.

SoÖdonít worry about the ones that donít listen, just go on and tell as many other people as you can, and show them the photos and videos so that they can see for themselves. Youíll get through to some, and they in turn will get through to others, and hopefully even members of your own family.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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