Animal Writes
7 March 1999 Issue

Youth Viewpoint: Animal Liberties and Human Sacrifice

Millions of animals are killed each year for laboratory testing. Cosmetics,
pens, and even some foods are used to torture these animals. Animals give
us nothing but love and they should be kept as pets, not as research.

I am an animal rights activist. I feel very strongly against the testing of animals
in laboratories. I think scientists should begin testing on humans. I have some
very good reasons for this.

First, these scientists generally test on rats and mice. These animals are
nothing like us humans. Their blood and skin are very different from ours.
So, common sense would have it that the tests being done on animals do not
have accurate results.

Second, I feel that these helpless animals don't deserve to be treated like this.
They haven't done anything wrong. A solution to this would be to begin testing
on prison inmates. The men and women that are in the prisons are in there
for a reason.

I think that if someone is in prison, then why waste our tax dollars to keep them
alive? We should give them to science. The tests would be more precise and
animals would be saved.

Animal testing in the labs are not just having them taste different chemicals.
In the laboratory for the BIC company, some very gruesome things go on.
Scientists shave the animals fur, and then cut their skin and then proceed to
pour liquids on the open wounds. Because of the fact that animals cannot
speak, the scientists do not have any proof of exactly what that feels like to
them. If humans were used, they could know exactly what the pain is like.

Furthermore, the inhumane acts that occur, I feel, should be done on humans.
Humans are heartless to commit these crimes and should pay in a way that
would make others understand that rape and murder will not just get you a free
place to stay. Criminals deserve the pain and suffering because they have
done something wrong. Animals have not done anything, so why should it be
them to suffer?

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