Animal Writes
23 June 1999 Issue
Chicks and Ducks and Geese Better Scurry

by [email protected] 

Early this month we alerted you to a vote in the U.S. House to slash the funding
of the Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services department. As you should
know, Wildlife Services (formerly known as Animal Damage Control, but they
changed their name to improve their image) kills hundreds of thousands of wild
animals each year as a service to wealthy western cattle ranchers. Predators
such as coyotes, wolves, wildcats, bears, birds of prey and other wild animals
are eliminated by poisons, rifles, leg-hold traps, explosives in dens and other
methods to increase the profits of ranchers. These are your tax dollars at work
to keep burgers cheap.

On Tuesday, June 8, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 230 to 193
against the DeFazio-Bass amendment to the House Agriculture Appropriations
bill. The amendment would have reduced the Wildlife Services Department budget
by $7 million dollars. The department has an annual budget of about $40 million
and they use $10 million federal tax dollars a year to kill the wildlife of the West.

In reply to a letter I wrote my representative, the Honorable Mr. Silvestre Reyes
of Texas, the Honorable Mr. Reyes sent me a piece of mail which read "thanks
for sharing your opinion with me but I voted against the Bass-DeFazio amend-
ment because the amendment would have negatively impacted other important
programs carried out by Wildlife Services, such as the control of migratory birds
around our nations airports. For our air travel safety this program must
continue....blah blah blah".

Ok, so I understand that they must kill the ducks and geese which nest near
airports so that they don't get sucked into jet turbines or make a hard to see
through splat on the aircraft windshield...I wish we could find a more humane
solution to this problem, but I guess this isn't a priority for our air travel industry.

Just a thought, couldn't some compassionate air traffic officer come up with the
idea to use some of the many herding type dogs, border collies and the like,
which are put to death in our nations shelters, to form a corp of guard dogs
around airports? This idea has worked at golf courses, why not airports?

But either the Honorable Mr. Reyes of Texas was lying to me or he was
hoodwinked by the ranching lobby. The Bass-DeFazio amendment only intended
to reduce the Wildlife Services budget by $7 million. And the cuts were only to
be from the predator killing program in the west. The work done by the W.S.
department to prevent rabies outbreaks and to kill the birds at airports would not
have been affected by this amendment.

Such is the power of the ranching/agriculture lobby.
DOA, Department of Agriculture, Dead on Arrival.
For the sake of the remaining wild animals,
For the sake of the 9 billion animals tortured and slaughtered for food each
For your own health and peace of mind,
Go Vegan.

To see how your representative voted on this amendment go to this site:

Final Vote Results for Roll Call 172 

If your representative voted for the amendment, it might be nice to tell him or her
thanks. If they voted no, you might like to enlighten them about how you feel.
For more information about this federal department which uses your tax dollar
to slaughter wildlife go to this page from the Fund for Animals website...

Animal Damage Control: Out of Control

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