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18 August 1999 Issue

Loving Animals the Wrong Way
By [email protected]

We are living in an era of liberation. As the melting pot of the world, United States' citizens deserve a certain level of respect, understanding, and freedom. How else are we to get along with our vast cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs? But how far is too far? At what point does the state and/or federal government have a right or responsibility to step in and deem that one's personal actions are wrong, immoral, and damaging to either themselves, another being, or society in general?

We, as a country, have decided that a crime against a child, a defenseless, innocent being, is cause for action. For instance, each and every state has resolved that pedophilia is an illegal offense, no matter what the offender's personal beliefs and whether or not they have received consent from their victims. In some states, it is illegal to have sex with a 16-year-old if you are 20 years old, even with the 16 year old's consent. If you take a poll, I doubt you would find many, if any, individuals who oppose these laws.

What about crimes of sex committed by a human against an animal, another innocent, defenseless creature? It appears as though most states choose to ignore these plights against the voiceless. In fact, in approximately 30 states, it is perfectly legal to commit zoophilia, more commonly known as bestiality.

That's right! You cannot join together for prayer in a public school, despite the fact that our currency and pledge of allegiance declare witness to God. Yet, in most of this country, you can commit violent sex acts against a defenseless creature and neither the state nor the country will even so much as blink an eye.

The state of Pennsylvania originally had a "voluntary deviant sexual intercourse" statute that included both homosexuality and bestiality. In 1995, in an attempt to remove the law against homosexuality from the books, the legislature left a very large loophole; for the last four years, bestiality has been perfectly legal in Pennsylvania. That is, until one county came upon an individual who was involved in a sexual "relationship" with a cow. Fortunately, the state immediately began working to reinstate the anti-bestiality law.

Despite the fact that it took this particular state four years to discover the loophole, bestiality is rampant these days. One simple search on the Internet reveals over forty sites dedicated to sexual acts against animals. The problem with this crime, as with all acts of violence and cruelty committed towards animals, is that the victims are incapable of speaking out against their offenders. The abuse can go on day after day and no one knows unless the offender confides in someone else.

This is why we must ban together and speak for the voiceless. Over fifty percent of the states in this country protect individuals who choose to forcefully take sexual advantage of animals. Research your state statutes and discover if you reside in one of these states. If you find that you do, immediately contact your legislature and let them know that you can no longer tolerate living in a state that does nothing to protect its animals from being raped, let alone allows the deranged individuals who commit these disgusting acts of violence to walk free, without even the threat of punishment.

Countless animals are suffering day after day in this country from sexual acts of violence committed against them. They know neither why it happens to them nor what they can do to make it cease. They need someone to speak up for them, on their behalf. That is why we must step in!

For further information and to locate your state's position on this issue, please visit the website below. State laws

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