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5 September 1999 Issue

North American Vegetarian Speaker's Bureau

We are forming a Vegetarian Speakers' Bureau for every State and Province in North America.

All of your favorite local speakers are the people we want.

Please do not nominate Michael Klaper, Neal Barnard, T Colin Campbell, John Robbins. We know about them.

The purposes of this "speakers' bureau" is to provide a free or low cost source of many different outstanding, great, good, and OK vegetarian speakers on a range of topics.

I would like to be able to have at least four regions in each state, and perhaps 10-12 regions in some of the larger states (California, Texas, etc.) where there could be listed 20-50 really good vegetarian speakers, who would become known to the members and friends of local vegetarian societies, and perhaps also become speakers for local community groups who may call or e-mail for good speakers.

I frequently get requests for vegetarian speakers in podunk places throughout the USA, so a continental vegetarian speakers' bureau should help the local vegetarian society by providing the resources they need to offer good speakers to schools, senior centers, environmental activists, community groups, etc.

I am also collecting contact information for vegetarian foodservice consultants who can offer advisory services to local "mixed" restaurants that want to offer more meatless meals.

We want you to send us contact information for your local vegetarian physicians, registered dietitians, and credentialed nutritionists, although other learned or interesting and entertaining speakers would be included, also.

We want even the vegetarian society member who speaks on some interesting topic of personal knowledge, such as organic gardening, raw foods, problems with fluoridation, why recyclers should "go veggie," vegetarian dogs and cats, vegetarian resources on the Internet, religious vegetarianism, animal rights, etc.

We want everyone, and we want to create the database based on topics, location, name, and credentials.

Please contact me at [email protected] with all your ideas and contact information, and feel free to "talk this up" on the various vegetarian lists.

Once again -

Goal - The Structure:
The Goal here will be developing a network of vegetarians who are medical, nutritional, foodservice, culinary professionals, and other interesting speakers throughout North America to:
(1) speak to local vegetarian and animal rights and community groups, and to become key contact points when the media asks for local professional commentary on certain health and nutritional issues, and
(2) to advise -- for pay -- the foodservice community in those areas.

History of This Idea
The development of continent-wide (North America) vegetarian speakers' bureaus, linking outstanding, great, and even good vegetarian speakers with local organizations and mini-conferences, on demand, was originally envisioned by the Vegetarian Union of North America (VUNA), while I was Vice President (I served for 8 years).

What Local Vegetarians Get From It - At No/Little Cost
This resource development will make possible a higher quality of educational programming in the local vegetarian societies throughout North America.

If you have an interest in serving in any way -- as a speaker and/or foodservice advisor, or in helping to mine information about great speakers in your area or in any other area of the continent, please merely respond to me, and we will go from there.

If you have any professional friends with an interest in the "vegetarian speakers' bureau" or the vegetarian foodservice advisory network, please also let me know, so that we can help you and them get networked with the proper persons and groups.

If you wish to speak, or become a speaker, please let me know your topics. I usually ask, "Do you have any topics or talks that you could deliver without more than 30 minutes 'dusting off'?"

Maynard S. Clark
Vegetarian Resource Center
[email protected]
but for this purpose contact me at: [email protected]

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