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29 September 1999 Issue

From [email protected]

Millions of dogs and cats, animals we know as loving companions, are tortured and consumed in South Korea each year. This billion dollar industry steadily fattens the pockets of dog traders, restaurants, politicians, and dog torturers. Representative Kim Hong-Shin, along with other members of Congress, have introduced a plan to legalize dog butchery. It didn't pass the first time, so they are mustering more support. A dog butcher was granted permission by Mayor Ab Gye Sok, of Chunchon City, to build S. Korea's first legal dog slaughterhouse.

International Aid For Korean Animals (IAKA) needs help. Acceptance of this crisis is a first step. This topic is disturbing to anyone who has ever known the love of a dog or cat. Because dog and cat lovers worldwide would rather not even think about this situation, torture and consumption of domestic companion animals continues and increases. It is a billion dollar industry. Elie Wiesel said, "Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." We can all do our part to end the vicious cycle of hatred toward our domestic friends in South Korea by education and reform.

Please boycott all S. Korean goods and products, and don't forget to tell stores why! Always ask for the country of origin. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish something made in Korea. Some of the larger S. Korean companies to bark up to are Samsung, Hyundai, KIA, Daewoo and many, many more. Bark up for Bowser by 2002! Bark up to car dealerships, business owners, department store managers, retailers, and wholesalers. Bark up to anyone who sells S. Korean goods and products. Tell them until the brutal torture and consumption of domestic animals stops, you withdraw all economic support from this sadistic country. This is a simple and effective way to bark up.

It is hard to be polite, but if we all take the time to write polite letters frequently to President Kim Dae Jung, Blue House, 1 Saejong-Ro, Chongro-Ku, Seoul, South Korea, 110-760, and department heads in South Korea (.60 cent postage) we can change their world. It is up to us though. If we don't bark up, who will? Ask them to enforce and strengthen the Korean Animal Protection Act (KAPA). Ask them to stop torturing ALL dogs and cats. Beg them to STOP this egregious industry of misery and suffering for millions of our furry friends (graphic evidence sites:,

This billion dollar industry grows because these torturers enjoy beating domestic animals to death while listening to them scream out in agony. Those who profit off this torture attempt to convince foreigners and the next generation of S. Koreans by constant repetition it is a tradition, so it is okay. This statement is easily disproved. There is nothing traditional about torture.

S. Korean men say eating dogs increases sexual virility and energy. They say dogs enjoy being tortured because of their unfailing loyalty. The torturers continue to justify their profitable actions as they bide their time, until they acquire enough votes from the Korean congress to legalize dog brutality. Because this mindset is big money and big business among the powers that be, the Korean Animal Protection Act (KAPA) is hardly ever enforced, subsequently millions of helpless companion animals remain repressed and tortured in the ‘Hermit Kingdom'.

This letter is meant to wake hearts now indifferent toward this cancerous heartache lying hidden in the backs of marketplaces like Chilsung. Fence straddlers react! If you are upset with the situation and want to help, you can exorcize your sound and fury today. Help a pitied pup about to be beaten to death. Yes, this is reality for them in S. Korea. Write that letter. Make that call. Boycott ALL those S. Korean goods and products, and don't forget to tell them why! Never stop until torture ends once and for all! Bark Up For Bowser by 2002!!

If you need more info, please contact
Kyenan Kum, Director, P.O. Box 20600,
Oakland, CA, 94620-0600;
E-mail:[email protected];

Minister Bong Hyung Cha
The Ministry of Health and Welfare
Kwachun City, Kyoungki-do,
1 Joongang-Dong
South Korea 427-760 (postage is .60)

Minister Sook Son
The Ministry of Environment
Kwachun City, Kyoungi-Do
South Korea 427-760 (postage is .60)

Minister Kim Sung Hoon
The Minister of Agriculture
1 Joongang-dong
Kwachun City, Kyoungki-do
South Korea 427-760

Mr. Park Joon Kyu
Chairman of the National Assembly
The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea
1 Youido-dong, Youngdungpo-ku,
Seoul, Korea 150-701


Gentle spirit, let me lay
cheek on furry breast
Let my tear wet tender paw
Before your skin they wrest

Let me ease your suffering
the moment that you go
to be hung, to be scourged
Korean song of woe.

Gentle spirit, rock with me
through our silent night
let us sneak together off
Escape the bully's bite.

Your pain is mine, I lay my cheek
upon your battered breast
bone of dog, whisk' of cat
In you I pass love's test.

© 1998 By C. Sparkie.

Excerpt from "Chollima's Arirang". A collection of poems depicting the plight of cats and dogs in South Korea. Complimentary copies available upon request for any donation to
IAKA/KAPS, PO Box 20600, Oakland, CA 94620-0643;
E-mail:[email protected]

The KAPS shelter run by Sunnam Kum is the only oasis of hope available to these pitiful animals in South Korea at the present time.


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