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28 November 1999 Issue

By Steve Hindi, [email protected]

For the third time in less than a week, there is news of great importance having to do with bullring sponsor Pepsi Cola.

It started with a challenge issued by a powerful and prominent leader of the nation of India. Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, Indian Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment, sent a three-page letter to PepsiCo CEO and Chairman Roger Enrico that basically tells him to kiss off the approximately one billion people in India to whom he would love to sell Pepsi and other PepsiCo products.

Mrs. Gandhi sited the Indian people's "nonviolence and compassion for animals, particularly cattle which are revered," and warned, "We do not take kindly to people or companies that violate this ethic." She called Pepsi's public relations spin "flimsy," and promised to put SHARK's bullfighting footage, complete with Pepsi ads, on Indian national television networks.

Next, pet supply giant PETsMART sent a letter telling Pepsi to pick who it wants to do business with, a large American company that supplies products and services to help animals, or a foreign industry that tortures and kills them.

Now, there is stunning information direct from Mexico that once and for all demonstrates the greed, insensitivity and absolutely untrustworthy nature of PepsiCo.

Months ago, Pepsi reacted to a growing tidal wave of public outcry against its sponsorship of bullrings with a promise that all Pepsi advertisements in the bullring in Puebla, Mexico had been removed.

You may recall that Puebla is one of the bullrings investigated by SHARK last year in which Pepsi ads were present. In fact, dozens of Pepsi signs and banners were documented high and low in the Puebla bullring, and even on the stairs and chairs. You can see these and other Pepsi bullring ads at

Pepsi falsely told callers that Puebla was the only bullring with Pepsi ads, implying that the supposed removal of these ads meant that Pepsi was no longer present in bullrings. In fact, SHARK documented ads in numerous bullrings throughout Mexico and Spain.

From the beginning we had doubts that Pepsi was telling the truth about the Puebla bullring. Now, we are certain.

Yesterday, November 21, a SHARK team attended the bullfights in Puebla, Mexico. Indeed, the Puebla bullring no longer has the signs and banners documented by SHARK. But now we must go to what fabled radio commentator Paul Harvey would call, "The rest of the story."

Pepsi has replaced its dozens of previous ads with thousands of advertisements on serving cups, and even on the clothing of people selling Pepsi in the bullring!

While an initial examination shows the obvious, that Pepsi has again lied to the public about its presence in bullrings, there is an even more disgusting aspect to this story.

Those who have been following this campaign will recall that one of Pepsi's more enduring excuses for its bullring advertising has been that a bullring is a multi-use facility. Pepsi maintained that its ads are present at all the events at bullrings, not just bullfighting.

This propaganda was a poor attempt to justify Pepsi's long and enduring relationship with an industry that survives on the torture-slaughter of calves, heifers, bulls and horses. Bullrings ARE NOT multi-use. They exist for the torture killing of animals. But let's examine Pepsi's argument in light of the latest facts.

Yesterday, [November 21] Pepsi chose to have thousands of its advertisements specifically at the bullfights. The Pepsi cups and clothing were provided by Pepsi! It is crystal clear that Pepsi wants a connection to bullrings. Pepsi is now completely exposed for the corporate liar and animal abuser that it is.

If you have an opportunity, please call Pepsi's toll free number (800-433-2652) to tell Pepsi's public relations drones what you think about Pepsi latest show of contempt for either truth or compassion. Please make sure you inform us of Pepsi's response, as it may well be used to cause further embarrassment.

Pepsi now finds itself on sliding down a very slippery slope with regard to its image, and ultimately it sales and profits. And so long as Pepsi continues to support animal abuse, SHARK will be only too happy to grease the rails.

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Suggested action.... Boycott Pepsi/Frito-Lay's

This is a big step to take, but an important one. The Frito-Lay's Company (a part of PepsiCo) is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of junk food, Pepsi is the world's second leader in junk beverages. Tropicana brand is the only division of Pepsi marketing a healthy product, but there are other brands of orange juice.

You will probably want to give up the products listed below for ethical reasons, but PepsiCo won't notice or care unless you tell them. This is the way to make a difference. Call Pepsi's toll free number (800-433-2652) and tell them that you don't approve of the Pepsi company's involvement with bullfighting and for ethical reasons you have stopped using all Pepsi, Tropicana and Frito-Lay's products. You can send snail mail to....
PepsiCo, Inc.
Purchase, NY 10577

Here is a list of Pepsi products to boycott:
Pepsi Cola
Tropicana brand juices
Mountain Dew
Pepsi Max
Lipton Tea
All Sport
Mug Rootbeer
Aquafina-bottled water
Smooth Moos-dairy based drink
All Frito-Lay's chips including:
Lay's potato chips
Santitas tortilla chips
Grand Ma's cookies
Rold Gold pretzels
"Better-For-You" snacks
Smartfoods snacks
Cracker Jacks
Frito-Lays also makes several dips and salsas under the above product names.

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