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27 February 2000 Issue
The Holocaust Resurrected


You awake from the womb of your mother and take your first breath, along with your four brothers and sisters. None of you asked to be here, yet here you are.

As you and your siblings grow older and start to wander around, you discover that the only thing you desire is a full tummy and a little love and affection. You find none.

One day, you and your brothers and sisters are rounded up into a small box. Wide-eyed, you do not fight the hands that grab you. You welcome any opportunity to be touched. As you and your family travel in the car, you snuggle close together, wondering what is going on.

Eventually, the car stops and you are removed from the box. Together with your siblings, you are placed into a cold, steel cage. Scared, you are not, because for the first time in your life, there are others hovering over your cage, admiring your precious little body and reaching fingers through the metal bars in order to touch you. You lick their fingers in return for their affection.

Three days go by. Many people have passed your cage, offering the fingers of love. One of your sisters was taken away by these hands. But, you and three of your siblings still sit behind the bars, unaware of what is going on.

This day is a momentous one for now the hands actually enter the cage and embrace your body. Your tail wags and your tongue licks. Any contact is good contact for you. After all, this is the only thing you really wanted all along. You are placed in a cage on wheels with your three other siblings along for the ride. Four little tails wagging, the ride stops.

The hands grasp you again. Still, your tail wags and your tongue licks. You want to make sure that your admirer knows how much you appreciate his gentleness. Maybe this way, you figure, you will get some of this attention a little more often. But, the hands put you down into a cold, barren chamber. Where the other cage at least had bars that you could see between, this cage has none; it's completely enclosed. Soon, all three of your brothers and sisters are with you, along with a few other dogs, one of which struggled for his life to avoid entering the chamber, but here he sits. The door to the chamber shuts. All is quiet and dark inside. Eyes look around, slowly. Bodies huddle close together. But, tails still wag in remembrance of the attention just received.

Suddenly, there's a hissing sound from inside the chamber. You don't know it, but that sound is carbon monoxide gas being blown into your little room. Bodies start to tremble as the insiders begin to realize that they are having difficulty breathing. A few whimpers can be heard from within the chamber. The hissing continues.

The eyes of everyone inside start to water and burn. The whimpers have turned into screams as everyone realizes that they must gasp for air. The gasping only makes it worse. Lungs and nostrils' begin to burn, but there's no relief. You are watching your brothers and sisters convulse on the floor of the chamber. Soon, you are right beside them, body wrenching in pain. As your respiratory system is consumed by poisonous, deadly, painful gas, the cries finally cease. You have watched your family die in pain and agony and now you are about to do the same…..fall off into your endless slumber, never to lick or wag a tail again.

You just experienced a firsthand account of a form of "animal control" euthanasia by carbon monoxide gas. Though this method of euthanasia is condemned by every national animal welfare organization and the American Veterinary Medical Association, it continues to be performed throughout the world.

Last year we received an action alert on the Abilene Animal Control Center in Texas, known to kill its animals via a gas chamber. As a result of one very caring, dedicated man, Jerry Layne and his group Animals Have Hearts, Too!, combined with letters and pressure from devoted people like you, our subscribers, the shelter has since changed its method of euthanasia from carbon monoxide poisoning to sodium pentobarbital consisting of two injections: one that puts the animal into a peaceful slumber and another that causes all vital organs to cease operating. As a matter of fact, Jerry Layne and his helpers actually encouraged the Abilene Animal Control Center to change its method of euthanasia through only two months of pressure!

In our efforts to help ensure that all animals are treated with dignity and respect, we are calling on our subscribers once again. Mr. Layne and Animals Have Hearts, Too! have made it their personal crusade to ensure that all animal shelter gas chambers in the United States cease and desist this cruel, archaic treatment. It is completely understandable where this group has gained its dedication and perseverance. Remember the holocaust and the torture that Hitler inflicted upon so many Jews? We have resurrected the holocaust, but this time it's against the furry four legged, our most innocent. The thing that is most frustrating is that this torture is NOT NECESSARY! We have methods of euthanasia that are much less stressful, less painful, and are downright peaceful compared to carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, the Abilene Animal Control Center determined that it would only cost them an additional $1,100 to $1,200 a year, after startup and training, to switch to sodium pentobarbital. So, money or lack thereof is no excuse. There is no excuse!

Mr. Layne and Animals Have Hearts, Too! are declaring an all-out WAR on the gas chamber and they are pleading with you for your assistance. Specifically, they need you, our subscribers, to contact all your local animal shelters and find out what forms of euthanasia are currently being used. It is your right, as a concerned citizen, to know how animals within your shelters are being killed and it is their obligation to tell you. Do NOT take "no" for an answer!

If you locate an organization that is killing its animals via a gas chamber or similar methods, it is imperative that they immediately start feeling pressure from concerned citizens. This is where Jerry Layne, Animals Have Hearts, Too!, and Animal Rights Online are prepared to step in. Mr. Layne has requested that, once you locate such organizations, you supply him with the following information:

1. The name(s) and address(es) of the shelter(s), including the name(s) of the operations manager(s). Also, Mr. Layne is requesting a copy of a shelter newsletter, if possible.

2. The name(s) and address(es) of all local newspaper(s). (Mr. Layne recommends that you immediately begin sending in letters to your editor about the intolerable killing methods being employed at your local shelters.)

3. The name(s) and address(es) of local city council members.

4. The name(s) and address(es) of all State and Federal legislators for the districts in which the shelter(s) is/are located.

In addition, we would appreciate it if you would copy us on all information sent to Mr. Layne so that we may help distribute your findings to the rest of our subscribers. We will do our best to expose the shelter(s) and start massive letter writing campaigns. We have seen with the Abilene Animal Control Center that together, our efforts do reap success. The major keys in this success are support of local newspapers and support from the local community. According to Mr. Layne, Abilene Animal Control Center would still be killing its unwanted animals via carbon monoxide poisoning if it was not for the efforts of local citizens and the members of Animal Rights Online and their letters.

On a more specific note, Mr. Layne has already verified three other shelters in the United States that are currently employing gas chambers in the euthanization of unwanted animals. Animals Have Hearts, Too! is requesting that subscribers who live in the local communities of these shelters contact Mr. Layne with the following information:

1. Chatham County Animal Control, Savannah, GA: (This shelter uses a gas chamber with carbon monoxide). Mr. Layne URGENTLY needs newspaper articles, letters to the editor, and any and all other information pertaining to Chatham County Animal Control.

2. Pickaway County Dog Shelter, Circleville, OH: (This shelter forces dogs and cats to inhale hot exhaust fumes from a gasoline engine!) The name(s) and address(es) of any local newspaper(s), in addition to the same information requested above.

3. Gaton County Animal Shelter, Gastonia, NC: (This shelter uses a carbon monoxide gas chamber.) The same information as requested above.

Gas chambers are a cruel, inhumane method of killing the most unfortunate, innocent creatures. No animal, human or non, should ever have to die while screaming in pain and fear. These animals did not ask to be born. The only ones to blame are ourselves for not being more responsible in having our pets spayed and neutered. Homeless, neglected, lost, and abused animals have experienced a cruel enough existence as it is. The least we can do is fight to ensure that they receive a peaceful, painless release from this cold, terrible, uncaring world. This fight will never be achieved without your help and assistance! Please, we will do whatever we can to help you in this process, but you are the backbone on which this mission must stand. Make a pledge today to take an hour out of your schedule this week, look up all the shelters in your area, and inquire as to what methods of euthanasia they use. If you would just start the process, we will do the rest!

Jerry Layne can be contacted at:

Animals Have Hearts, Too!

P.O. Box 3612

Waco, Texas 76707-3612

Phone: 254-757-1682

Fax: 254-757-1683

Email: [email protected] 

Please copy all information sent to Mr. Layne to:

[email protected] at Animal Rights Online

In addition to the above mentioned material, which is the personal mission of Jerry Layne and Animals Have Hearts, Too!, Animal Rights Online cannot help but consider those shelters that sell their unwanted dogs and cats to research laboratories. These animals, the majority of which are domesticated pets, do not deserve to be tortured and maimed for the remainder of their short lives merely because they were unfortunate enough to have been born into this uncaring, throw-away society. It is absolutely preposterous that we envision an animal shelter as a last resort for an animal to get a good home, only to have their home become the cold rooms of a laboratory and their caretaker a white-coated man or woman who probes and poisons them all day long. While you are making that phone call to find out which method(s) of euthanization your local shelter(s) use, please inquire as to whether or not they sell or dispose of any of their live animals to research laboratories. If you find that they do, please contact Animal Rights Online immediately and we will do all that we can to help ensure that this action ceases. (Contact: [email protected]m

For the countless animals who have already suffered and for those who will suffer in the meantime, THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND DEDICATION! We could not accomplish as much as we have without you, our subscribers!

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