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2 July 2000 Issue

A Whale of a Story
By Park [email protected]

The 2000 meeting of the International Whaling Commission starts tomorrow, July 3, in Australia. Animal Rights Online will be monitoring the developments of this meeting and reporting and commenting to you, our AR friends. For the very first time the opening meetings of the IWC will allow television coverage, so tune in to CNN, and other television news media, for coverage.

Australia is expected to call for a greater whale protected area, a whale sanctuary in the South Pacific, while Japan is expected to request that their illegal commercial whaling is recognized as legitimate.

Ever since the ban on commercial whaling in the late 1980s, Japan has used a loophole in the International Whaling Commission regulations to continue fishing for whales, calling it Scientific Research. Their so-called Scientific Research supplies Japanese Sushi bars with meat from 500 Minke whales every year. It has been determined that Japan is also catching endangered species of whales.

This year Japan wishes to expand their whale catch and to make it legitimate, by the IWC regulations, for Japan to catch great whale species such as the greys and sperm whales.

Japan uses several arguments that seem to be only lame excuses for making money for their whaling industry. It doesn't matter if the species are endangered or not, Japan seems only to be concerned about making money from killing whales.

They call it their cultural heritage to catch whales. So Kung Fu-king what.

It is cultural tradition that Godzilla kicks ass in Tokyo. South Carolina calls it their (stupid) Southern Cultural Heritage tradition to display the Confederate Flag. It offends a certain group of people to display memories of slavery.

It offends a certain group of us who are against animal slavery, to continue to slaughter marine sentient beings for profit.

Japan, we are offended by your actions. Stop It Now.

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