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16 August 2000 Issue

As We All Move a Little Closer to the Truth
By Park [email protected]

Last night we had our monthly board of directors meeting of the Vegetarian Society of El Paso, of which I am proud to be president and webmaster.
Vegetarian Society of El Paso

Our mission is to convert the omnivores to vegetarianism and the vegetarians to veganism. It has always given me a euphoric feeling to be surrounded by fellow vegans, to be in the company of people who think like me about animal suffering, human health and the environment.

My feeling of peace, well being and camaraderie began to fade a bit last night when the vice president, the secretary and the founder of the society began talking about how they are moving towards organic raw foodism. Suddenly I felt out of step. I felt that they were moving too far away to be able to communicate with people who thought the four food groups were Frozen, Canned, Junk and Fast. They joked about a possible future when they would turn their noses up at people who were merely vegans. I know they were just joking, but I did once again start to feel like a StRanger in a Strange Land.

I realized I would have to maintain my position as a beer and wine drinking, mostly cooked foods vegan in order to be a liaison with the heathens. I understand the impetus which drives organic and raw food advocates. For a vegan, "organic" mean that a lot less creatures are killed with pesticides to produce our food. It is much better for the environment and for human health. And I don't mind spending the few extra dollars for organic vegetables and to play havoc with the giant corporations who want to sell us heavily processed foods.

Raw foods impart a lot more enzymes and nutrients. But I'm sorry, I'm not ready to change my food preparation skills to enable me to live a couple of years longer.

Sci-Fi Scenario for the future: I believe that human immortality will be discovered soon (after a short bit of mostly painless animal testing, let's say). Ok, so what? Is this the reason we are all living as long as we can? Running to catch up with the Immortality Train? No, probably not. Most of us realize that there are way too many humans mucking up the planet and making humans live forever will only muck things up worse.

Should I tell my vegan friends that I am not only pro-choice, but pro-abortion, pro capital punishment (unless administered by George W. Bush, Potentate of Texas, clown prince, perhaps soon to be U.S. President) and that I am against Save The Children and all other save children organizations because I believe that humans are a cancer on the planet? No probably not.

But damn, guys, get a grip. We don't want to look like nut cases. Last year I joked that I was glad there were Fruitarians because it made us vegans look at lot more mainstream (And I got a few letters from fruitarians about that).

Let's keep the basic goals in mind.....

Are we Vegan because we are building up good Karma so that good things will happen to us? No probably not.

Why are we vegan? Because it's the right thing to do. For the environment, for future generations, for the elimination of suffering of the animals. Go Vegan.

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