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24 September 2000 Issue

By "Jonathan Balcombe" - [email protected]

Dear university student:

The Animal Research Issues section of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is seeking two committed student activists to help us with our projects. Specifically, we seek one person to work on each of the following assignments. We will pay you for these services.

1) Investigate animal research being conducted at your university/college that may involve significant levels of animal pain and/or distress

This assignment relates to our ongoing Pain & Distress (P&D) Initiative, which seeks to eliminate animal pain and distress in laboratories. Like most scientists, we look forward to the day when animals are no longer used in research. In the meantime, while animals continue to be used, we are working on many fronts to see that animal P&D are addressed to the fullest. This includes establishing clear definitions of P&D, getting research scientists to better recognize and respond to P&D, promoting refinement methods of research that minimize or eliminate P&D, and identifying research projects that cause high levels of P&D so that we can address them. It is this latter task for which we seek your help.

2) Survey course-based animal-use and policy at your school

This assignment relates to our ongoing efforts to eliminate consumptive uses of animals in university classrooms. Universities purchase large numbers of vertebrate animals from biological supply houses each year. These animals are then used for dissections and invasive live animal procedures in courses in a range of disciplines (e.g., biology, zoology, physiology, pharmacology, medicine, veterinary medicine). There are abundant alternative methods that can be used to either replace or reduce these animal uses, but for a variety of reasons are not currently being made available. We need to identify courses that are using animals, and how they are being used, so that we can act on making alternatives available in these courses.

If you are interested in committing some of your time to helping us with either of the above projects on your campus, we will pay you up to $500 for your efforts (depending on the size of your school, and the resulting scale of your assignment). Please reply to this e-mail with a telephone number and good times to reach you, and we will contact you to discuss what sort of work arrangement might be made.

For the animals,

Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Education
Animal Research Issues
The Humane Society of the United States
Ph: 301-258-3046
Fx: 301-258-7760

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