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Good News for Decreasing Frog Dissections

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Good News for Decreasing Frog Dissections

[Ed. Note: Please also read more at Alternatives to Animal Testing, Experimentation and Dissection.]

From American Anti-Vivsection Society (AAVS)
March 2012

AAVS’s education department, Animalearn, was happy to hear about a new partnership between the National Association of Biology Teachers and a leading provider of dissection alternatives, Froguts.

The National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) has partnered with a leading provider of biology simulations and labs, Froguts, which will likely extend the reach of this humane teaching tool, sparing animals from dissection in K-12 classes and higher education. Through this partnership, Froguts will offer free membership to NABT and subscription to the association's journal The American Biology Teacher to any subscriber of Froguts Subscription Service.

Nicole Green, Associate Director of AAVS's education department, Animalearn, lauded the alliance, especially since there was a time when dissection alternatives were not as welcome at events like NABT's annual conference. "It's wonderful to see that humane science education is becoming the go-to method of educating students," said Green.

This partnership between Froguts and NABT is another major sign of the importance of virtual dissection to biology teachers. Animalearn conducts hands-on workshops for teachers at NABT's annual conference, and in 2011 in front of the entire NABT exhibit hall, Animalearn presented the Humane Educator of the Year Award to Michele Galaria. Change is clearly in motion.  

This illustrates a dramatic shift from apprehension to acceptance of humane teaching methods.