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Comments by Marcia - 30 May 2009

In Reference to: Celandine - Wild Flowers of Sleepy Hollow Lake

Thank you for this lovely and informative page on the celandine. I found them growing in our backyard here in New Jersey and researched them today. They are in the flower bed and are making a bushy and bold display.

I developed a reverence for wildflowers when many years ago I volunteered to pull the weeds from my parents' gravel driveway. In no time I was admiring them and not pulling some of the better specimens.

Then I bought a weed book and started identifying them. After that, I lost my job weeding the driveway!

I have also noticed wild grapes growing in the backyard this year. Last year there was a tremendous classic thistle growing out of a pot of lilies of the valley. There are also many native ferns and mosses growing.

My plan was to create a Japanese garden since there were already acuba bushes, hosta, a 50-year-old Japanese maple tree and an 85-year-old Hinoki cypress. But now, I don't know. I may just let the garden create itself with a little grooming by me.

At any rate, thank you for helping me to positively identify the celandine. It is nice to know it will keep flowering into August.

Enjoy your summer.



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