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Our Nature Study Section
Comments by Tricia Segar - 28 Jan 2010

In Reference to: Bloodroot - Wild Flowers of Sleepy Hollow Lake

I read your information on the blood root. I was sitting with my ten year old when I found it. I shared with her a story about my sixteen year old boy Caleb and this special tiny flower.

When Caleb was seven years old, he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart to become his Savior from sin. I asked him where he wanted to go to pray to the Lord to get saved. (An unusual question, which looking back on, I surely must have been prompted to ask)

He said he would like to go down to the frog pond. It was March in Michigan, and I knew that the hunters’ hay bales were there and that it would make a perfect, wilderness church of sorts!

All was as brown and lifeless on our six acre property. We walked down in our mud boots and took a seat on the make-shift pews.

Caleb bowed and asked Jesus to forgive all his sins and to come into his heart. Immediately when we opened our eyes, we both saw before us the most perfect, pure, white flower poking up through the dead leaves. I had never seen one like it. I sprang forward and snatched it up. “Caleb I,” exclaimed joyfully, I think Jesus sent you this beautiful flower amongst all this dead material as a token of his goodness to you in saving you and making you alive in Christ and as pure and white as this tiny flower.

Just then, I noticed a pool of what I thought might be red ink on my hand. I realized at once that the fluid was coming from the stem of the flower. My heart was overwhelmed with awe of what seemed to me a holy and precious gift from God. I repeated, “Caleb, I think that the Lord sent this little flower to you as a symbol of his goodness to you, and that though he made you pure and white as this perfect little flower, it cost him his precious blood!”

Caleb never forgot that blessed moment and still tells it when he shares about his salvation.

Thank you for your web-site. I thought you might enjoy our little story.

Tricia Segar