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Hertfordshire rears a champion bullfighter

From the Catholic Herald dated Friday 27 August 1993:

A Catholic school boy, educated in the leafy groves of St Edmund's public school in Hertfordshire, looks set to become one of Spain's top bull-fighters.

Antonio Borrero came to Britain in the mid 1980's and impressed his classmates and his headmaster Mr McEwen by his deftness of manoevres.

In response to an article in The Daily Telegraph's "Peterborough" column last week, which told of how the boy chopped off the ears of a bull, Mr McEwen, commented cheerily: "I am quite sure that in the innocent pre-Children Act days there were moments when the housemaster could quite cheerfully have claimed Antonio's own ears as trophies!!!"

Mr McEwen declined to say whether the boy was notably aggressive towards animals when at school, saying only that he was a "character".

Borrero, known as "Chamaco" in the ring, is now a leading Torrero; some believe that he is the best in Spain.

He shows no sign of wilting and deprived another bull of its ears last Saturday.

The Catholic Animal Rights Welfare Centre (sic) were unavailable for comment.

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