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FoL Newsletter Excerpts by Clare and Tom Harral (1991 - 2001)


The Fellowship of Life's having reached its twentieth anniversary is quite a milestone for a group that has never charged a subscription fee! That we are able to continue the work is thanks to you - the supporters - your encouragement, help and input of whatever kind is greatly appreciated. There have, of course, been many changes over the twenty years (we personally had never heard the word 'vegan' then); two decades that have witnessed the dramatic growth of animal rights, vegetarian/vegan and green movements, as well as the growing popularity of healthier lifestyles and of natural medicines. Greater numbers of people are now making the connections between human and animal suffering and awakening to the fact that it is not 'either-or.' It is 'both-and'. Violence and cruelty are indivisible. A culture which accepts the abuse of animals as normal, even admirable in such instances as vivisection - a culture whose individual members have become de-sensitised to the deaths of billions of animals - can only rebound on humankind. The practice of killing and exploiting animals for fun and food comes from the same attitude that helps to create wars."

"Christmas now approaches, and with it a golden opportunity for religion to be a leading light, embracing all life, human and non-human, in its message of peace and goodwill. Moreover, every one of us can be a 'little light' brightening up the darkness. We can enjoy a veggie celebration (recipes available from us) and make the difference between life and death for at least one turkey. We can do our bit and help to make the vision of a fully-compassionate world a reality. For with the 'Christmas morn' comes the greatest gift of all - Hope."

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