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FoL Newsletter Excerpts by Clare and Tom Harral (1991 - 2001)


Now more than ever is the time to try to live the kind of life that God originally intended - ordained at the Creation, to be vegetarian/vegan (Genesis, 1,29) and recreate a world of justice, non-violence and harmony without abuse of God's animals. The Church is lagging far behind in this instead of leading the way as it ought. Instead of reverence for life we have reverence for the out-dated meat cult. The Church condones the lust for animal fat and flesh. Restricting our compassion just to human life only dooms us. The abundant horrors and degradations of our world testify to the fact that we are paying for the limits we set on our thoughts, hearts and actions. While we continue to sow the sins of pride, greed and human chauvinism we will reap the appalling results evident in the world today. By the way, the word 'ecology' is derived from the Greek 'oikos', meaning 'home'. Our own 'oikos' - the planet earth - is our physical and spiritual home. We must all treat our planet's inhabitants with reverence."

"Christmas, the season of goodwill! But not for animals - no tidings of comfort and joy for them. Their suffering only increases with the blood-feast. But truth, awareness and goodness are growing: the tide is turning in the so-called secular world. There is a newly emerging eco-consciousness; and according to a Daily Telegraph survey the main social concerns of young people today are animal welfare, the environment and Third World issues. There are even chinks in the churches' stony wall of silence. May the as-yet few, lone voices within the Church which have spoken up for animals multiply into a groundswell of Christian caring that will at long last bring animals into the fold."

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