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FoL Newsletter Excerpts by Clare and Tom Harral (1991 - 2001)


"HELLO AND WELCOME to this year's Christmas Newsletter. What an incredible year it's been! The issue of live exports burst on to centre-stage with unprecedented public protest and media attention. The number of live animal exports has fallen as a result of public action and the demonstrations in which everyone from pensioners to young children have braved the elements day and night. One young man even re-mortgaged his home in order to set up the 'Sea Sabs' in a valiant endeavour to stop live exports."

"However, those who see animals as nothing more than profit-margins have refused to listen to the overwhelming public demand for a ban on exports, and ancient laws have been invoked to keep the trade going; the 'new regulations' are a whitewash. In all this, what have the churches and religious leaders had to say? Apparently, hardly a word, although during the protests in Dover a bishop and a rabbi joined the demonstrators and spoke out. But it is ordinary people, mobilised in their concern for frightened and suffering animals, who have highlighted the potential of caring people as a positive catalyst for social progress."

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