The Fellowship of Life
a Christian-based vegetarian group founded in 1973



FoL Newsletter excerpts
by Margaret Lawson

"Regarding 'The Better Way' pamphlet - it is an attempt to show from my own very limited knowledge and experience that we need not depend on cruelty and killing in order to live. It is not comprehensive by any means, but I hope that it will serve to show that there are other ways, better ways"

"There is one point which I feel must be made clear and it is this: The Fellowship of Life is not an animal welfare society as such, neither is it a vegetarian society. Its function is to promote a "Better Way" of life for humans, based on justice, mercy and compassion, and faith in God, which is beneficial to all creation (including themselves). We believe in overcoming evil with good and that when sufficient numbers follow the "Better Way" of life then evil will be automatically conquered. Therefore it is not intended to involve the Fellowship in parliamentary petitions for banning this or that - in any case there are enough societies doing this. But we are not dogmatic, our minds being ever open to the leading of the Spirit..."

"In the future, when we feel the ground has been sufficiently prepared, we shall appeal for the recognition of our ideals by the Church, or else we shall grow so strong that no appeal will be necessary! We founder members may not be there to see that day, but the foundations will be laid, and the torch will be handed on, blazing! What a wonderful privilege it is for us all!"

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