The Fellowship of Life
a Christian-based vegetarian group founded in 1973



FoL Newsletter Excerpts by Margaret Lawson (1974-1989)


"May I repeat that we must continue to plead our cause with tolerance and patience. One word of condemnation, tempting as it may be, does more harm than good, and may take years to wipe out - so let us "count ten". Violence of any kind begets violence, whilst love and tolerance, whilst they may seem slow, are safe and sure, and quickest in the long run. Let us be content to sow seeds, leaving the results to God, knowing that nothing is done in vain in His name."

"People, especially professing Christians, must be awakened to what would seem the incredible, if it were not a fact, and ghastly way in which they celebrate the birth of Christ by the wholesale slaughter of God's creatures."

"In closing may I emphasise once again that the Fellowship of Life is not an animal welfare society as such. Its implications are much wider and deeper, our aim being to teach a way of life which does not hurt any living creature, human or animal. Violence of any kind is not our policy, rather do we believe in overcoming evil with good. It may seem slow, but it is sure. So let us love God with all our hearts and minds and souls and strength and show love and tolerance and patience in all our dealings with humans as well as animals - true kindness to animals - harmlessness - after all, is not a religion in itself but only a facet of religion, albeit a sadly neglected one!"

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