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FoL Newsletter Excerpts by Margaret Lawson (1974-1989)


" IT IS NOVEMBER, and already the Christmas cards are in the shops, many of the 'religious' ones depicting the Baby in the manger surrounded by creatures, the majority of whom end up on the dinner plate, stewed, roasted or fried. These pictures, along with cribs in churches, have become very much the norm at Christmas, but are probably dismissed as fanciful or sentimental by the vast majority of people. And yet, is there not a deep truth hidden in them - the creatures worshipping Him who is to be the Saviour of the world, their Saviour as well as ours. Saved from what? Not, surely, in the case of these creatures, from 'sin', but from the gross cruelties and injustices meted out to them by humans in slaughterhouses, vivisection laboratories, the fur trade, etc. In His own words, Jesus came to fulfil the Law, not to destroy it. The enclosed leaflet, Christians, the Bible and Vegetarianism, seeks to highlight the highest ideals portrayed in the Bible as regards the treatment of the creatures which Jesus must surely have exemplified in His own life."

"Our main urge must not be forgotten - to establish vegetarianism as a Christian way of life and, in particular, to direct the attention of all Christians to the enormity of the way in which they celebrate Christmas by the mass-slaughter of God's creatures.

Advertisements such as 'WHY KILL FOR FOOD?' or, as now, 'WHY KILL FOR CHRISTMAS?' are regularly placed in Life and Work and the Church Times. There has also been a good demand for the Fellowship of Life's Prayer Card.

Thank you all for your support, of whatever kind, and let no one be discouraged by the apparent lack of response. It is not for us to finish the deed, but just simply to keep on. And there is always one thing to boost our morale - we are never left for long with 'sore hearts'.

May the Christ-Mass be celebrated in the hearts of one and all with great peace and joy."

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