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FoL Newsletter Excerpts by Margaret Lawson (1974-1989)


"I began campaigning on one issue - the killing of animals for food, especially by Christians, who should know better; killing animals for food being, I believe, the root cause of most, if not all, cruelties, but I have found that human, animal and plant life are so bound up together that they cannot be seperated. It is not in the scope of this newsletter, or my know-how to do more than indicate some of the problems. A solution to the pollution of the environment seems almost impossible, but there is not one of us but who could do something to help - e.g. re-using envelopes, using bio-degradable detergents, gardening without chemicals.

Like peace, it must begin with the individual, and one thing of which I am sure is that there are very many Christians who, in their hearts, know that killing for food is wrong but who refuse to listen and act upon what their conscience is telling them to their own spiritual loss as well as the injustice they cause to the animals."

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