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Family pet brought to Mass

Sir, - During our annual holiday at Weymouth, we attended Mass at St. Joseph's church.

We are a family with a small Scottie dog, and as we were staying in a guest house, we had no alternative, other than attending Mass in two groups, but to take the dog along with us. Being a small quiet dog, we were able to keep her on the floor, between us, under the seat. However, we met with strong Resistance from one of the church wardens, who's opinion it was, that dogs should not be allowed inside a church, at any time, under any circumstances.

As we are used to attending Mass as a family; we wondered whether it was customary for churches in holiday resorts to hold these views, and we would be interested to know if other holiday-makers have experienced the same difficulty?

(Mrs.) Mary Gunn

The Universe (8/9/72)

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