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Not so 'shaggy' dog story...

Sir, - Mrs. Gunn's difficulty in bringing her dog to Mass on holidays could be overcome easily if she came to lovely Burnham Market for her holidays.

My dog Prince attends Mass regularly, is never late, has acquired a facility in the Prayer of Quiet devoutly to be emulated and desired, and is the only one creature I have met that demands vociferously to come to Mass if left out, so that any attempts to prevent him can be met with the warning - "Beware of the Priest."

As, however, he must greet each Mass-comer with the kiss of peace before Mass, I have to restrict Prince's presence to week-days until the holiday people have gone. Mass would otherwise be confused and late in starting. And he would indeed then, be a nuisance. I would add that Prince has not been unduly disturbed by liturgical and other changes.

(Fr.) Hugh Richmond, S.D.S.

...I have never had any difficulty when on holiday in taking my dog to Mass, but I always remained in the porch where I could see the altar, and sidesmen have always been considerate in giving me a chair. One must remember that not all people are animal lovers.

A. Tyson

The Universe (22/9/72)

See: Family pet brought to Mass - 8 Sep 1972

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